About Us


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Who are We?

We are a small non-denominational Christian fellowship located on the West side of Hamilton Ohio. Headwaters started as a fellowship about 13 years ago when several families began meeting together for worship.

We Broadcast Live Every Sunday

We have grown as these initial families invited others to join us in our informal worship. Headwaters is organized as a non profit (church) organization in the State of Ohio. As a group we do not have any formal affiliation with any other denomination or network; Ernie Durbin is a part of the Faith Ministries International Network, a loose federation of other non-denominational churches.  Ernie is an ordained minister and licensed by the State of Ohio. Leadership at Headwaters is not formally structured and the fellowship does not have any employees. Ernie Durbin, Don Reimer and Velina Durbin teach (or preach if you will) regularly, but also share those responsibilities with others who have that call of ministry on their life.

Our Mission

The Mission of Headwaters Contemporary Christian Community is to present people with the Good News of Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ, guiding them to accept Him, as Savior and Lord of their life. In carrying out our mission, Headwaters Contemporary Christian Communities is committed to:

  • Proclaiming the distinctly Christian message that Jesus Christ is the Way and the Truth and the Life, and helping people apply this life-changing, relevant truth to their life.
  • Emphasizing that the Church is not a building but the Body of Christ, by organizing our fellowship in small Communities or groups of Christians, who worship, study and fellowship together regularly.
  • Utilizing¬†Contemporary methods to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, that is, presenting the first century message with a twenty first century delivery.